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Griet Deca, Chief Happiness at Tryangle Happiness and Well-Being at Work proudly introduces “The Cactus Files” for inspiration, insights, ideas, tips and exercises for more happiness at work.

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The Cactus Files #24: Are you afraid to say “This is enough”?

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Exploring the link between perfectionism and procrastination. 
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The Cactus Files #23: The wrong proverb

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Griet wonders if the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is accurate.
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Happy Money

The Cactus Files #22: Reading Tip: “Happy Money”

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Sharing some interesting highlights about the link between happiness and money, based on the book of Ken Honda.

The secret to personal development

The Cactus Files #21: The secret to personal development

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Do you want your employees to be more resilient and develop themselves? Griet shares a surprising tip. Read more about this topic in this article.

The Cactus Files #20: Getting things done

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Griet shares two powerful outtakes for better time and energy management from David Allen’s bestseller.

The Cactus Files #19: The Ketchup Files

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Let’s take a closer look at the ingredient list of tomato sauce.
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The Cactus Files #18: Deconnect to reconnect

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in France…
Griet looks into the value of “reculer pour mieux sauter”.
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The Cactus Files #17: A new reading tip – “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

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Are you also struggling with your money mindset? Griet presents two powerful learnings in this new episode of the Cactus Files.

The Cactus Files #16: You can choose to ruin your day

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Griet talks about what it means to be a CHO also outside of the 9 to 5 workweek and which mindset can help to feel resilient in challenging situations. 
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The Cactus Files #15: Not happy, just busy

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Are you living with the constant feeling of racing towards something? Do you find this struggle, what we know as stress, exhausting? Read more about it in this article.

The Cactus Files #14: What we can learn from dogs about hapiness at work

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Using an example from the dog world, Griet inspires viewers about helpful behavior and good examples for more happiness at work.

The Cactus Files #13: Are you leading by example?

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Griet wants to know if you, as a leader, are truly walking your talk.

The Cactus Files #12: How to optimize the life of your employees

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How to look at the wellbeing of your employees from a broader perspective.
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The Cactus Files #11: The human side of hybrid working

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Valuable advice for companies who are creating a policy for hybrid working.

The Cactus Files #10: Not a reading tip.

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Tryangle’s Chief Happiness Griet Deca wonders if hard work really is the basis for success?

The Cactus Files #9: Another reading tip.

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Griet talks about an amazing easy read filled with both personal experiences ànd scientific research.

The Cactus Files #8: The secret to benefit from perfectionism.

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Are you always aiming for 11/10? Perfectionism might make you feel a lot of disappointment and frustration. Discover how to turn it around into a powerful advantage.

Why do we procrastinate

The Cactus Files #7: Why do we procrastinate and how do we stop?

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While we waste our time hesitating and postponing, life is slipping away. Why do people do this?

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How to deal with negative energy from a company cactus
The Cactus Files #6: How to deal with negative energy from a company cactus?

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The minute you bump into the company cactus, your good mood goes down the drain. How do you deal with this?

The Cactus Files #5: Is there room for happiness at work in the hybrid future of work?

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There is a lot of focus on facilities and safety measures to support employees returning to work after covid. Will we be happy at work again?

workplace trends in a hybrid future

The Cactus Files #4: Workplace trends in a hybrid future

Organisations have a lot of questions on how to handle the return back to the office after months of home-working.

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The Cactus Files #3: The two-way street between happiness and health

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Discover how happy people are healthier in this bitesize video.

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The Cactus Files #2: A reading tip

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Discover lessons from the world’s happiest people in this episode.

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The Cactus Files #1: The cactus files!?

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Griet Deca talks about ‘the company cactus’ and introduces The Cactus Files for inspiration, insights, ideas, tips and exercises for more happiness at work.

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