Griet as trainer & coach

As trainer-coach, Griet is a seasoned veteran. As a youngster, she trained as a teacher. From the start of her coaching career in the business world, she noticed that she did not apply much of what she had learned during her training in the courses she delivered.

Griet started to teach according to instinct, and has developed a style of her own since 2001. Several refresher courses and train-the-trainers later, Griet discovered that her gut feeling had made her a provocative trainer: a trainer who dares, a coach who confronts in a constructive manner, a process counsellor who gives confidence and autonomy, a guide who monitors the learning process of her trainees, a motivator who boosts self-confidence and gives wings, an entertrainerwho transforms every training and coaching into an experience thanks to three key ingredients:


Everything I tell you, you will have forgotten tomorrow. Everything you experience, will still be next year’s topic of conversation.”


“Our body contains all the intelligence we need to be able take good care of ourselves. Move the body and the mind will follow spontaneously.”


“If you can enjoy yourself, you learn without realising it, and every effort becomes a delightful challenge. Without humour, I cannot train, and you cannot learn.”