My mission

As Chief Happiness, Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer and Coach, I have a 2-millimetre mission:

That is to make sure that you return home after your working day with your mouth corners lifted up 2 millimetres. This will fundamentally transform your world rather than having to arrive home with a “down frown” of 2 millimetres …

Griet Deca

Happiness at work: How to make it work?

Happiness at work should be the most natural and obvious thing in the world. That way, healthy employees stay resilient, happy and productive. And no one will suffer from work-related illness any longer.

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So, you believe that working on happiness at work is superfluous? Everyone has a right to his or her own conviction, of course, but did you know that happy employees are significantly more committed and productive, make fewer mistakes and generate more profit for their organisation? Useful traits for a company wouldn't you say so?
The day when only fruit baskets, ping-pong tables or fitness rooms can ensure lasting happiness at work, is the day Godot will arrive. I call on every CEO, HR director, corporate well-being manager, prevention advisor and manager to stop wasting money on isolated initiatives that sometimes do more harm than good!
If Happiness at Work is embedded in the corporate culture, that is already a strong start. A clearly defined set of vision, mssion and values is the ideal breeding ground for happiness at work. However, a seed needs water to continue to grow. As well as lots of sunshine! Make sure your company culture really propagates and brings your values to life to make happiness at work possible.
If you believe you will finally be happy when your manager appoints a Chief Happiness Officer, then I wish you all the best with this vision. Your work happiness will not get a long term boost, though. Happiness at work is a shared responsibility. If the CHO comes up with initiatives that make everyone happy, except you, then that's too bad! Yes, your organisation must create the right environment, but you only you have the ultimate key to create your own (work) happiness.
Happiness at work is multi-dimensional and should be approached in an integrated way, strategically and step by step. Stop wasting money and creating frustration with one shot interventions without a vision or strategy. Start with the basics and work on job satisfaction for all employees. Then focus on a strong and human centered corporate well-being policy. This way, you have a healthy foundation to further build happiness at work and get to an ROI that benefits your entire organisation. Incorporate happiness at work in your company culture and use the perspective of shared responsibility: let management, team leaders and employees join forces.

“Life is full of cacti, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit on them.”

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Author “The World Book of Happiness”

“The book ‘Van Welvaart naar Werkgeluk’ (‘From Prosperity to Happiness at Work’) narrates, reinforces, illustrates and inspires. The ideas Griet expresses, are supported by experience, indignation, commitment and hope. An inspiring story with many insights that people can actually use. It forms a good basis for those who want to move on and finally get down to happiness at work.”


Cabinet employee

“Working with Griet has an empowering effect!

She is a real gem. 100% committed to the well-being of employees! Rarely have I come across such a sincere and enthusiastic lady. When someone works with such a passion … you know that you’re in the right place!”

Racheda Ben SEllam

Business Unit Administrator

“Griet is a coach of stature! Her way of explaining something is simply captivating. Griet has the power to take you along in her presentations in her typical yet special way: lively and full of enthusiasm. This lady is unique in her vision on well-being at work and a pleasure to listen to. Her motto: be the best version of you. And that you are, Griet!”

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